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Our Expertise

These are some of our areas of expertise. Let us help you get started, develop or refocus your business.
Business Development

Our record of revenue growth through business transformation and elevated market profile has yielded results of up to 50% increase in revenue growth with less than 10% capacity growth. Point to Point can help to improve your business too.

Our focus is on strengthening and leveraging customer relationships, identifying and targeting under-performing revenue streams; creating and implementing innovative and focused promotions, working with partners that can add value; and improving the segmentation mix. 

Actually it's quite straightforward - when the right person points it out.

Route Start up & Launch

Our experience includes starting airline services to Yerevan, Armenia and initiating or supporting launches to Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Dhaka, Bangladesh. We can help you start your new route successfully including obtaining approvals and permits.


As well as the flights, Point to Point can help with identifying and recruiting key staff; selecting and setting up office space; sourcing a GSA if required, and managing the pre-launch brand building, media, marketing, promotion and sales activity.  We can even help with the launch event.

Franchise & Partnership

Having pioneered Franchise Sales in British Airways and set up the first overseas franchisee, Sun-Air of Scandinavia (a relationship which continues to this day), and implemented a strategic partnership with Garuda Indonesia, we hold a strong belief in the value of partnerships.

And not just airline partners; we have established partnerships with European Chambers of Commerce in Indonesia, with Kazakhstan's largest cinema multiplex and with Fashion Weeks in Sri Lanka.

Whether you want to develop a bilateral codeshare on one route, or a deeper relationship, Point to Point can help you to achieve a mutual benefit.

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Etihad - Yerevan flights launched - Phot
Promotions & Events

Whether you're looking for a long term activity, a seasonal event or a quick sales blitz, Point to Point can help you with the concept, the targeting and the execution, as well as the follow up afterwards.

From gala dinners and award nights, to partner appreciation events and Santa sales calls at Christmas, we can point you in the right direction.

CSR Activity

Corporate Social Responsibility is something we all want to do, but getting it done can be a challenge. 

Our experience includes visiting orphanages in Armenia and Azerbaijan, arranging school lunch programmes, auctioning signed merchandise, creating women's day events and getting 150 kids onto a plane for an hour. This and more has been done, and can be done for you.

The point is, if it's worthwhile, then let's do it.

Change & Restructuring

Change Management, downsizing, restructuring; these are challenges for even the most accomplished team leaders, identifying the changes that will achieve the greatest benefit, implementing them while keeping the team focused and motivated through the process.

With hands-on experience of restructuring in numerous countries in South Asia, Point to Point can help you to identify and achieve your goals.

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