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Talk with Point to Point about one-off or ongoing projects, programmes and initiatives. 
If you have an idea, or if there is something you want to develop, reach out; we will point you in the right direction.
On-Going Projects

Are you starting something new - a new carrier, or a new route? We have led or supported numerous route launches in Central, West and South Asia.  

Are you looking to start afresh, or to reshape what you have? We have seen many restructurings from the inside, and know what worked and what needed a rethink.

Do you want to turn around and refocus your business, or your team? We have focused new teams and refocused existing ones, in several countries. 

Or would you like an insight into how you might develop new markets, improve your business mix, increase customer satisfaction or reduce expenditures?

Whether you're looking for someone for a day, a week, a month or longer, get in touch and we can discuss how we might be able to help.

Promotions or Events

Do you have a new venture or a new product to launch in the market?

Are you looking for new and creative way to promote your brand or build your customer base, with a theme that people will remember?

Or are you planning an event and need some support with the concept and pulling it together?

Whether you want a quick sales blitz, or someone to help organise an annual ball, or indeed a CSR event, we have probably done something similar in the past. 

Get in touch and let's see how we can help you to put together something that will stand out for its creativity and imagination.


Whether you are looking for a simple codeshare partnership, or to expand your alliance network, or indeed if you are considering franchising your brand, we can certainly help. Our experience includes setting up and managing franchisee relationships and sales, and developing interline and codeshare partnerships.

If you're looking for a non-airline partnership, to extend your customer base or to add value to your brand offering, or even just to add value to a particular event or promotion, we can help there too. We have experience of working with some leading brands in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Kazakhstan, and partnering with international renowned events. 


We believe in the power of partnerships.

Training or Coaching

Your team needs to be equipped to achieve the objectives that you set. Telling them what is needed is one thing; do they know how it should be done - and why that way? 

At Point to Point we believe in education, in instilling and developing skills - but not only the hard skills, also the mindset. If someone understands why, then they can more quickly learn how. 

Learning doesn't end at training. Research shows that within 24hours of training, students have forgotten 70% of what was covered.  Coaching can help skills retention, guiding rather than telling, encouraging self-learning.

Upskilling, Training, Coaching, Point to Point can help

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